Premier League scandal: Granit Xhaka under investigation for suspicious bets involving the Albanian mafia

The Swiss midfielder is suspected of having bet on a match for his team against Leeds.

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VSIt’s had the effect of a bomb in England. Arsenal midfielder; Granit Xhaka is under investigation for suspicious bets. The story doesn’t end there as investigators look into an alleged criminal plot involving the Albanian mafia.

According to the Daily Mail, Granit Xhaka bet against his team, Arsenal, in the match against Leeds last season, which the Gunners won 4-1. During this match, the Swiss midfielder received a yellow card for saving time while the Gunners mastered the match from start to finish. Nearly 62,000 euros had been bet in a few minutes on the fact that Xhaka would receive a warning in the last ten minutes of the match.

The NCA, National Crime Agency, which leads the UK’s fight against serious and organized crime has also uncovered evidence of large amounts of cryptocurrency with much of the activity taking place in Albania. According to the NCA, it would be the former Swedish-Albanian striker Alban Jusufi, who placed significant sums on Xhaka’s yellow card. In 2017, Jusufi was found guilty of bribing and paying €180,000 to AIK goalkeeper Kyriakos Stamatopoulos to take it off in a game against Gothenburg.

Granit Xhaka is a Swiss international with Albanian origins. His brother, Taulant Xhaka chose to play for the Albanian team.

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