Premier League: public return for the last two days

English supporters of clubs playing in the Premier League will have the opportunity to see their team during the last two days of the championship. Indeed, in a press release published on Wednesday, the Premier League announced that supporters could come to the stadium to encourage their team, during the 37th and 38th round of the championship. After postponing the matches of the 37th day to Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 May to allow each of its twenty clubs to be able to welcome its supporters at least once before the end of the season, the Premier League announced on Wednesday that the return audience in the stadiums would be limited to local fans. Fans of away teams, whose presence was considered for a moment (within the limit of 500 people), will therefore ultimately not be concerned.

If he still has to give a final opinion on Monday, the British government has therefore approved this return of the public within the limit of 10,000 spectators per stadium. The last two days will be marked in particular by the fight for qualifying places for the Champions League (the first 4) with in particular the clashes between Chelsea (4th) and Leicester (3rd), remake of the Cup final, and a Leicester -Tottenham (6th). The English federation had accepted a return from the (limited) supporters during the second semi-final of the FA Cup between Leicester and Southampton on April 18 at Wembley Stadium. Eight days later, 8,000 spectators were in the same stadium to attend the League Cup final between Manchester City and Tottenham (1-0).

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