Premier League offer gives Kamara pause

An English club passes the second for the player of the Olympique de Marseille, Boubacar Kamara. Newcastle have reportedly made a purchase offer to Marseille leaders.

After a busy transfer window in the direction of arrivals, the Marseille club is obliged to separate from several members of its workforce. The National Management Control Department asked Phocéens to closely monitor their payroll.

Otherwise, OM could not register new recruits in this transfer market. The only way for Marseille leaders not to be subjected to this constraint is the sale of players.

While the tension was at its peak in the Marseille locker room, a saving offer would have appeared, according to information from the Phocéen. On the other side of the Channel, Newcastle have formulated a purchase offer to secure the services of Boubacar Kamara, a loan of 2.5 million euros + 15 million euros of purchase option is mentioned.

At the end of the contract next summer, the potential departure of the defensive midfielder would be a relief for the Marseillais. The latter have been trying to part with it for several weeks. However, the Marseille club are facing a problem, Kamara would not be totally excited by the English club’s project.

A few hours from the end of the transfer window, Olympique de Marseille is obliged to sell members of its workforce. Boubacar Kamara, will he leave Olympique de Marseille this summer? Response within the next few hours.

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