Premier League: Liverpool’s great success at Leeds

Servette FC is enjoying it. Servette spent a quiet afternoon. The Garnet easily dismissed St. Gallen 5-1 at La Praille.

The task of Alain Geiger’s men was made simpler in the third minute when Jérémy Guillemenot received a red card for a nasty sole on Sasso’s leg. The former Geneva junior, no doubt excited to evolve in front of his family and friends, by his overflow of energy precipitated the fall of his family. He also left the lawn in tears.

Because behind, Servette did not hesitate to take advantage of this numerical superiority. In the 7th, Clichy opened the scoring with a nice end, deflected by a Saint-Gallois. Then in the 14th, it was Sauthier who doubled the bet on a well-measured pass from Stevanovic. The Bosnian then offered two new goals to Cognat (18th) and Rouiller (26th). Three defenders for four successes, that’s an unusual statistic.

Too confident, the Garnet let the Brodeurs reduce the mark to the 36th following a communication error between goalkeeper Frick and Rouiller. A Steve Rouiller who scored twice in the 71st on a corner to further consolidate the Geneva domination. And to think that Schalk found the post in the 57th … Still, the SFC goes to ten points with two wins and a draw in the last three outings.

Finally in the last meeting of the day, Basel and Lugano parted back to back. The inevitable Cabral opened the scoring in the 29th, but the Ticino equalized in the 59th thanks to Abubakar. After three victories, the Rhenish suffered a brake. This result against Lugano does not allow them to overtake Zurich which remains leader.

In a Tuilière stadium filled with more than 12,000 spectators, Lausanne and Sion shared the stakes 1-1 during the 6th day of the Super League. The Vaudois have a third draw.

Probably a little stressed by these crowded spans, the Vaudois stammered their start to the match. In the 4th, it was Stojilkovic who presented himself alone in front of Diaw, but the LS porter brilliantly intervened.

For its part, Lausanne had to wait halfway for the first half to gain the upper hand in the game without this domination choking the Valaisans. And then in the 45th on a nice ball from Chafik, Mahou, with a header, was able to give the Vaudois the advantage.

Not really satisfied with his troops, Marco Walker made three changes at the break, including the entry of Wesley and Hoarau. A winning coaching since the first dropped a delicious ball that the French striker took back, necessarily with the head, to equalize in the 73rd.

The Blue and White were punished for failing to double the bet. We think in particular of this volley of Kukuruzovic from the 64th that Fayulu pushed back with his fists.

This draw is more convenient for the Sédunois who had to finish ten following the injury of Musa Araz than for the people of Lausanne still weaned from victory this season.

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