Premier League: Liverpool win at Leeds (0-3) and keep pace

A great victory but also a huge concern for the Reds. Liverpool went to win clearly and with the manner on the lawn of Leeds, Sunday, within the framework of the 4th day of the Premier League (0-3). The visitors regained their best level and Mohamed Salah (20th), Fabinho (50th) then Sadio Mané (90th + 2) scored. Young Harvey Elliott came out on a stretcher with a dislocated ankle. Jürgen Klopp’s men stick to the leaders Manchester United and Chelsea, those of Marcelo Bielsa have still not won and remain 17th.

From the kick-off, the two teams fought an intense battle in the midfield with constant pressure. Comfortable in this register, the Whites released the first arrow through Rodrigo after a service from Raphinha but Alisson repelled his tense shot (4th). This alert, however, only shook the Reds who raised the tone and took a clear ascendancy on the debates by stifling their opponents.

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Alexander-Arnold, and in the middle broods anger

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Centenary salah

Thiago Alcantara, Fabinho and Elliott took control of the midfield and chained the ball recoveries. Holder in point in place of Firmino, injured, Jota managed a good sequence of control of the chest and resumed by lying at the penalty spot to solicit Meslier while Mané and Salah gave work to the opposing defenders (15th).

Matip also came to bring the surplus in front of the zone of truth for a one-two with Salah before shifting Alexander-Arnold whose low center was perfectly taken to six meters by the Egyptian for the opener (0-1 , 20th). Salah has scored his 100th goal in 162 Premier League appearances, his third this season. Confidently, the Reds stormed the surface of Leeds but sinned in the finish. Mané missed the target (26th and 31st), Elliott was barely blocked before bumping into Meslier (27th) and van Dijk badly adjusted his head on a corner (28th).

Elliott seriously injured

The valiant Whites almost equalized just before the break by Ayling who missed the frame closely on a recovery (44th) and started the second period with strong intentions but quickly retreated again in the face of the furia of impressive visitors. Mané and Salah were countered in extremis in the zone of truth and Fabinho scored on the next corner (0-2, 50th).

Everything was going well for radiant Reds on the collective level. Elliott’s nasty injury to the left ankle on a poorly controlled tackle from Struijk came to throw a veil on this recital (59th). The offender was sent off while the 18-year-old midfielder received the attention of trainers from both teams before leaving their field on a stretcher.

Despite this hard blow, the Liverpool players were able to stay focused in a disputed end of the match because their opponents, even reduced to ten, refused to abdicate. Alisson thus had to divert a distant and daring lob from Bamford (83rd). The last word is still returned to Mané who wanted to find the net (10 attempts) and made it with a pivot shot after a service from Thiago (0-3, 90th + 2). Before welcoming Milan to the Champions League, Klopp’s players confirm their very good start to the season.

Premier League

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