Premier League: Guardiola cuts Evra and Berbatov

Feeling offended, Pep Guardiola has just responded to attacks from Berbatov and Evra. They criticized Manchester City after the elimination of the Citizens in the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola didn’t mince his words towards the two former Manchester United players.

Currently, first in the Premier League with 3 points ahead of Liverpool, Manchester City still has the chance to end the season well and make people forget the elimination against Real Madrid in the Champions League. This failure is currently causing a lot of criticism towards Pep Guardiola. This is the case of Patrice Evra and Dimitar Berbatov, former players of rival Manchester United, who had criticized the Spanish technician for wanting to be the only leader among the Skyblues and to overshadow his players.

At a press conference this Friday, the Manchester City manager replied curtly to his detractors, with a response worthy of a José Mourinho. “The old specialist players like Berbatov, Seedorf and Evra, and those kind of people weren’t there. I played against them, and I didn’t see that kind of personality when I destroyed them, when we destroyed them in the Champions League final when I was at Barcelona,” he hinted. .

Pep Guardiola alludes to the two Champions League finals won by Barça in 2009 (2-0) and 2011 (3-1) against Manchester United. Since Evra was a starter in both finals. This answer will surely provoke reactions, since Patrice Evra is renowned for his speaking out on social networks.

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