Premier League – Despite Erling Haaland, Manchester City falls on a bone against Aston Villa (1-1)

The Cityzens have lost the taste for travel. Already hooked by Newcastle on the 3rd day, Manchester City again shared the points on Saturday during its trip to the lawn of Aston Villa as part of the 6th day of the championship. Held in check 1-1 by the Villans, the Sky Blues (14 points) miss the opportunity to temporarily take the lead of the Premier League from Arsenal (15 points). Pep Guardiola’s players had however ended up finding the fault when they returned from the locker room thanks to the inevitable Erling Haaland (49th). But a sublime goal from Leon Bailey at the end of the game thwarted the plans of Kevin De Bruyne’s teammates.

At the start of the season, Manchester City is definitely upset with the trips. Already forced to share the points during their trip to Newcastle, the Cityzens again dropped two points during their visit to Aston Villa’s Villa Park. Pumped up by their quiet success at the Etihad Stadium over promoted Nottingham Forest (6-0) in midweek, Pep Guardiola’s men certainly thought they would pull off such a display against a team that featured, before kick-off. , a little shiny second to last place in the Premier League. Unfortunately for them, nothing happened.

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Everything had started very well for Kevin De Bryune and his partners, however, like this sublime one-two between Erling Haaland and Bernardo Silva and this luminous opening from Ilkay Gündogan towards Kyle Walker (3rd). Party in the clouds of Villa Park, the strike of the right side of City seemed to give the there of a new score of high flight of the band to Pep Guardiola. But the beautiful Mancunian mechanics quickly came to a standstill. Apart from a heavy strike from Kevin De Bruyne (9th) and a cross that was a little too fleeting from this same De Bruyne for Gundogan (13th), the Sky Blues showed nothing during a tasteless first act where their lack of accuracy and speed in the sequences have rarely been so glaring.

Defensive feverishness

Returning from the locker room with much better intentions, the Cityzens then only needed four short minutes to force the lock carefully guarded by the excellent Damian Martinez. As often with the stick, Kevin De Bruyne sent a sumptuous cross behind the entire Villans defense for the scoring machine Erling Haaland. Well placed at the far post, the Norwegian striker quietly converted De Bruyne’s offering with a flat clinical foot, scoring his tenth achievement in the Premier League (49th, 0-1). Now launched, the Mancunian team only had to take shelter from a possible return of Steven Gerrard’s players.

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A simple formality one might think, especially since Erling Haaland, again, came very close to the double on a low strike well diverted from the feet by Damian Martinez (63rd). Again dangerous on a masterful free kick from Kevin De Bruyne (66th) then on a delicious outside of the foot of this same De Bruyne (70th), Manchester City however revealed an unusual feverishness in the defensive phase. Caught at fault for the first time on a loss of ball from Rodri Hernandez badly exploited by Jacob Ramsey (57th), the Sky Blues defense finally cracked as the last quarter of an hour approached, Leon Bailey penalizing with a splendid strike in the middle of the skylight a very nice offensive movement from Aston Villa (73rd, 1-1).

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