Premier League, D18: 5 postponements, but a Tottenham-Liverpool shock

It’s a Premier League half-day that awaits us this weekend on RMC Sport. And again, if all goes well: English clubs are hit by an epidemic caused by the Omicron variant, and half of the matches have already had to be postponed. Here is what should be the program of Saturday and Sunday on RMC Sport, except last minute change, with in particular the meetings of Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea, and to finish the shock Tottenham-Liverpool.

There is often suspense in the Premier League, but here is one that we would have done well: whether the meetings can take place. Since last week, several clubs have been facing numerous cases of Covid-19 in their squads, and matches must be postponed, while other teams can play, but without having 3, 4 or 5 players, tested positive. It is therefore a real worry that lurks in England, just a week before the big meeting of Boxing Day, this period so busy and decisive. If all goes well we can still enjoy 5 matches on Saturday and Sunday on RMC Sport! And not the least …

Kick-off this Saturday, December 18 at 4:00 p.m. with an opposition between jersey cousins: Aston Villa-Burnley. Since the Villans are led by Steven Gerrard, the record is more than satisfactory: six games, four wins, and them defeats. And these two lost matches were against the big names Manchester City and Liverpool. So, not too many regrets. The dynamic is very postive, and could continue as of this afternoon, against the most British team in the championship, whose tactics have remained the same for years: kick and rush. We send big balloons in front, we put our heads, we run, and we see what happens. Change of style at 6.30 p.m. with Leeds-Arsenal. Bielsa’s team have just taken a hell of a drop in Manchester City (7-0), and now challenge another team in form, Arsenal coming to beat West Ham (2-0), and take fourth place in the standings . The Gunners are coming back strong and fit, and won’t be giving an early Christmas present to a Leeds side in doubt. A great spectacle to be expected, between two offensive teams.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea this Sunday on RMC Sport

Sunday, December 19, we find the leading trio, while Chelsea has dropped a little, after having conceded a draw (1-1) on his lawn against Everton. Now respectively 4 and 3 points behind Manchester City and Liverpool, Tuchel’s Blues will have to resume their march forward, but move at 3:00 p.m. to Wolverhampton, a solid team pointing to 8th place. A meeting to follow on RMC Sport 2, while this one Manchester City in Newcastle will be to follow at the same time on RMC Sport 1. A small shock of extremes, between the leader and the penultimate, which will therefore appear much more unbalanced on the pitch than on bank accounts: City being owned by the United Arab Emirates, and Newcastle by Saudi Arabia, and are the two richest clubs in England that go head to head. Although at the moment they don’t really play in the same category.

Continuation and end of this small 18th day of the Premier League at 5.30pm on RMC Sport, with the Tottenham-Liverpool shock. Finally, if the Spurs can play, while they had to cancel their last three matches (including the one in the Europa League Conference against Rennes), following numerous cases of Covid-19 observed in the players. As for Liverpool, there was no cancellation, but a meeting against Newcastle won Thursday night (3-1), despite the absences of van Dijk and Fabinho, also tested positive. Will the meeting take place, and with whom? The question mark may hang around all weekend, but also next week. We will therefore cross our fingers for several things: that Santa Claus passes, and that Boxing Day takes place.

The not very complete schedule for the 18th day of the Premier League on RMC Sport (if all goes well)

Saturday, December 18

  • 4:00 p.m .: Aston Villa – Burnley, live on RMC Sport
  • 6.30 p.m .: Leeds v Arsenal, live on RMC Sport

Sunday December 19

  • 3:00 p.m .: Newcastle v Manchester City, live on RMC Sport 1
  • 3:00 p.m .: Wolverhampton v Chelsea, live on RMC Sport 2
  • 5.30 p.m .: Tottenham – Liverpool, live on RMC Sport 1

Sources: RMC Sport, Premier League

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