Premier League clubs engage in battle for Bruno Guimarães

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The transfer window risks moving the workforce of Olympique Lyonnais. In a very relative economic form, departures are to be expected, while a qualification in the Champions League at the end of the season, the objective designated at the start, moves away from championship day after championship day. 13th in Ligue 1, the Gones are far from the podium, but counting, the nine-point gap that separates them from OM can still be filled.

We will have to work extra hard during this second part of the season. It starts with the reception of PSG, not an easy task. Statistically, OL are more likely to watch C1 than to participate. The club’s projections are undoubtedly heading towards an absence next season of the financial windfall that the Champions League can offer. To plug the holes, there are really no other solutions than to sell assets, that is to say players.

OL want at least € 45m

This could take place this winter with the case of Bruno Guimarães (24 years old) for example. Arrived two years ago against 17 M €, the Brazilian revealed himself to the general public, even winning his first selections with the Seleção. Already in the sights of Roma, we learn through the English press, in particular the London Evening News, that three Premier League clubs, and not the least, are in the footsteps of No.39: Arsenal, Everton and Newcastle, the latter being associated with just about anything that moves.

According to the media, it is the Gunners who hold the rope. They have not yet made an offer, but seem to be the hottest, they who want to strengthen their midfield for the second part of the season. But to convince OL, which does not particularly want to part with Guimarães in the middle of winter, it will be necessary to offer at least 45 M €. Important note, 20% of the future transfer will go to Athletico Paranaense, the Brazilian’s former club. If the case does not end in January, the foundations have in any case been laid for this summer.

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