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Yes, I know these issues that you evoke, I myself wanted to buy a pub in England, where I have lived since 1992, it was in 2000-01, I fell in love with a cheap pub – to develop let’s say – in a national park 1 hour from Newcastle, but hey, my girlfriend (now my wife – was not too hot …) but this is different, compared to what says Claude, the club, owner of Griffin Park, should have ordered the demolition of the whole block since these 4 pubs are inserted not at the Griffin Park stadium, but as I wrote in the streets surrounding the stadium (look at this photo, link, you’ll understand), that’s why what he wrote surprised me.

Besides, I just checked for these famous 4 pubs and at least 3 of them still exist (it’s not too clear for the 4th, The New Inn).

Afterwards, indeed, a lot of pubs disappear in the United Kingdom, the rate has dropped in recent years (but it’s still 500 closings per year), and it is quite possible that one of them has since closed (a lot of pubs that close are also sometimes replaced by drinking establishments or other establishments more in tune with the times, not necessarily in the same location, like mainland cafes, or simply what is called “eateries”, places where you eat something whatever – which you immediately realize when you arrive in England given the alarming situation of severe overweight and obesity, which affects all social classes).

I had also mentioned these closures in an article on Hartlepool United, this one
link, under the heading “The pre-game, at the pub obviously”, also evoking the emergence of the phenomenon “micropubs”, which have multiplied, more than a thousand have emerged since about 2010.

[C’est en train, de Newcastle, que je me rends au match. A ma descente du train, je n’ai qu’à faire quelques mètres pour atteindre mon premier objectif, le Rat Race Ale House, situé sur le quai. L’endroit est singulier et né d’un concept original, le micropub, un mouvement qui apporte une bouffée d’air frais en Angleterre face au rouleau compresseur des grosses chaînes de pubs, impersonnelles et génériques, qui contribuent à couler les pubs traditionnels depuis une bonne décennie (environ 1 500 fermetures par an).]

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