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I had read « victory more than deserved », I was hot but in fact « victory rather deserved » why not.
Already: I’m not looking for my post calming things down after the 2nd day when everyone was predicting the total and final sinking of MU. I was saying that it had only been 2 days with a new coach and that we could maybe wait a bit. Unfortunately: we see that it sinks much less with 4 victories in a row.

For yesterday: rather deserved victory in the sense that MU didn’t steal any of their 3 goals, which result from the 3 of well-directed and sharp counterattacks.
After the truth is that it is their only 3 chances of the match. It could easily have been 1-0 down (but for VAR, the very slight contact between Oodegaard and Erikssen is worth the cancellation of Martinelli’s goal. When we see that Ramsdale was belted in front of his line last week and that the goal was maintained by the VAR, it hurts a little) and Arsenal frankly dominated the match until the logical and deserved equalizer from Saka.
Besides, it’s the 2-1 that follows that kills us when at that moment the atmosphere is rather to know if MU will hold the draw or if Arsenal will succeed in winning.

But you can’t win a match with 3 such errors (On the first Zinchenko must not cover the center and stay with Antony for example.)
So deserved victory for MU but let’s say that it was Arsenal who made the match with the game and the mistakes.
We can see the progress we have returned to Wenger mode with a team of young people who are playing well but are being fooled by naivety, mistakes and little house refereeing.

Last season we often chained bad results after a first defeat or a draw so the real challenge of progress is to win again next Sunday against Everton.
Meanwhile, back a Europa League in Zurich I think, the opportunity to turn a little I think.


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