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Thank you My dragon.

@ Özil.

« Finally, the best possible draw in the League Cup with the reception of Sunderland. Again a good prospect: we might as well not spoil. »

I see you continue to sadistically fantasize about this miserable League Cup, rejoicing in a probable victory over a poor defenseless D3 who has suffered martyrdom for years. Hmmm, no big deal, I double the dose of Coupalaconthyrox for this week, 2 tablets at noon and 17 on League Cup match days between waking up and 8 p.m.

You heal yourself, that’s good, you’re much more positive about your Gunners. I keep telling you, you can finish 4th.

Which would not displease me elsewhere. It will then be fun to unearth the tons of catastrophic articles from the start of the season (3 defeats in a row, without scoring, including a 5-0 vs Man City) where the « experts » saw them struggling all season and shouted scandal for the 24-30 million put on Ramsdale. Two months later, the latter knocks very hard on the door of the national team and is considered by some as Number 1 in front of Pickford (Everton), fun.

Fuck that I would have loved Ramsdale to stick a little to him in Vardy, when the swollen like a British Rail crumpet came to get him at the start of the match, just after the first goal or the second goal, I don’t know. This pitros of Vardy obviously did not understand that this is exactly what “Rambo” wanted, who feeds on this kind of provocation. The guy was trained in the Blades, so you think, it was not Vardy that was going to destabilize him, on the contrary. You could see he was great on the Ramsdale, 10 rounds against Anthony Joshua wouldn’t have scared him at that exact moment, so how he giggled when Vardy tried to provoke him.

That said there’s nothing to blame Vardy on this one, he was in his role. He was undoubtedly trying to inject a little passion and galvanize his teammates and the public, finally wake him up after this big slap from the start.

White and Gabriel took it well Vardy moreover, we have seen little. The should, however, have scored in the second half on a header.

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