Premier League – 210 goals in the same day, a goalkeeper lost in the mist: the most memorable anecdotes of Boxing Day

We are the December 26, certainly the most anticipated day of the year by all football fans in England. Since 1860, at Christmas, Premier League clubs have been competing to the delight of their supporters during the Boxing Day whereas the rest of Europe hibernates (except Belgium). The opportunity for us to come back to the most significant moments of this historic day on the other side of the Channel.

Charlton Guardian’s Huge Lonely Moment

This is arguably the most famous anecdote in Boxing Day history. But how to get bored of it? In 1937, the English Federation had no choice but to cancel almost all of the matches scheduled for Christmas, the fault of an omnipresent fog. The meeting between Charlton and Chelsea is nevertheless maintained.

While the players do not see much on the lawn, the referee interrupts the game at the hour mark and definitively sends the 22 players back to the locker room. Or rather 21 … Sam bartram, Charlton’s doorman at the time, remaining in the field. « The more the minutes went by, the less I saw the numbers of my teammates. A policeman suddenly approached me and said: But, my God, what are you doing here again? He tells me that the meeting had been over twenty years ago. minutes … When I returned to the locker room, my teammates, showered and dressed, burst out laughing. A great moment of solitude « , didhe recounted many years later in his autobiography.

The debut of the « ass » Ryan Giggs

In 1991, Manchester United’s Sir alex ferguson moves to Oldham. Two events marked this unforgettable match studded with goals.

First of all, Denis irwin broke a taboo on English football. By celebrating his two goals against his former club like a berserk, the Irish defender of ManU shocked fans in Oldham, on the outskirts of Manchester.

And maybe that’s why Boundary Park made fun of a 17-year-old stranger who entered at halftime. After missing his first check, he was the target of donkey braying.

Fans of Latics could not know it then, but the awkward teenager was set to later become a Manchester United legend: it was none other than Ryan giggs, for one of his first first-team matches.

The Welshman got his revenge at the end of the match by scoring the sixth and last goal of the Red devils to win 6 goals to 3.

Lee Bowyer and… Neymar: same fight

Some players would rather stay warm with their families than spend Christmas in the cold on a football field. This may be the case with Lee bowyer. In eight Premier League seasons, the English midfielder has only played … once on December 26, for a loss to Liverpool with Newcastle in 2005. But don’t worry, Bowyer had « worked it out » to miss the meetings of December 31 and January 2 to take advantage of the new year. « I was not doing it on purpose to dry up an opponent by telling myself that I was going to miss Boxing Day. Maybe i was unlucky« Bowyer said in 2018.

Lee Bowyer may have inspired a star today … Since 2015, Neymar is unavailable each time around October 11: date of her sister’s birthday. Sometimes suspended, often hurt, it would be daring to say that he is doing it on purpose, but there is room for doubt.

Come on, let’s stop being a bad tongue. He was still present with PSG in 2020 to face Dortmund in the round of 16 of the Champions League. And he even scored a goal!

When one of the worst attacks in the championship scores… 10 goals in a match

In 1963, the magic of Christmas operated in Fulham. Fourth worst attack of Division One, ancestor of the Premier League, Fulham crushes Ipswich Town 10-1. That day, no less than 66 goals were scored on the various lawns of Division One with in particular the victory of Liverpool against Stoke (6-1) or the delirious division between West Ham and Tottenham (4-4).

However, two short days later, after blowing himself up, Ipswich took revenge on Fulham and won 4-2. When the magic falls …

For lack of players, supporters put on a jersey to defend their club

But these 66 goals scored during Boxing Day 1963 are not a record. December 25, 1940 210 goals are scored in the same day championship. You are probably wondering how is this possible?

At the time, World War II broke out and many players were sent to the front lines. The teams no longer have enough players, they must at all costs find a way to field eleven men on the field. The Norwich coach, who then only had 5 players at his disposal, offered supporters who had come to watch the match against Brighton to put on a jersey and play for their favorite team. As you might expect, the locals are no match for the game and are inclined 18-0 …

The Canaries are not the only ones to line up supporters on the pitch. Result of the races: 210 goals are scored on December 25. An obviously unapproved record seen the very specific circumstances.

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