prayer rug hunt

Tehran (IQNA) – Islam in France is a source of endless debate. After the veil, now the Islamic religion is creating unease in the locker rooms and football stadiums. The Muslim players of the France team affirm that their religion has been the object of a real « hunt ».

It was during a program broadcast by the RMC channel that the subject was put on the table. There is talk of « a hunt for prayer mats » in the locker room, and the regrettable actions aimed at removing Muslim players.

prayer rug hunt
It is the international footballer Jacques Faty who lets go on the set of the RMC program that when he was part of the France U23 team, he and colleagues left to pray. When the prayer ended, « a player came and said to him, ‘Look out, so-and-so saw you and he went to fetch’.

Following this, the same speaker assures that « there are one or two players he has not seen again ». The player claims that he does not know if the prayer was the cause, but the fact is that several worshipers who prayed that day with him never reappeared.

At Clairefontaine, argues another speaker, « there was a hunt for prayer rugs » before wondering about the reasons for a « rise in religion ». According to him, “guys got kicked out” for praying. something that prompted several Muslim players to leave the France team, he says.

The serious charges
« Firing players because of their religious beliefs is very serious », warns the host, before a guest assures him « that it’s true, it happened », adding « that at a certain moment there there was the rise of the religious fact, and the only answer that there was, it is “oh he pisses me off the other with his carpet thing”. We even went, according to the same speaker, “as far as opening the bags to see if there were prayer rugs or not”.

Another guest goes back to the early 2000s, and he says that coach Alain Perrin forbade players to do Ramadan. “Whoever does Ramadan does not play,” he says. A debate is then launched on the decline in performance of players who make Ramadan, and on the legitimacy of leaving them on the sidelines.

The policy of promoting diversity in France is increasingly coming up against a rejection of Islam in the social sphere first, but more and more in the sports and cultural fields. Something that is causing great concern within a growing French Muslim community, widening the gap between part of society and state institutions.


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