Practice brawl between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals

The training sessions shared by two teams during the NFL preseason bring their share of clashes. Last week, the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers players came to blows. And, Thursday, it was those of the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals – who had faced each other in the Super Bowl in February (LA victory) – who did the same, shortening the training session.

It was the Rams defenders and the Bengals forwards who brawled. Los Angeles defensive tackle and star Aaron Donald was implicated. He was seen with a Bengals player’s helmet in his hands. La’el Collins, one of Cincinnati’s blockers, was also at the heart of the incidents.

No doubt no sanctions against the players involved

According to the rule established by the NFL, the teams, and not the pro league itself, are responsible for discipline during practices, including those that are collective. If there are to be penalties after Thursday’s scuffle, the Rams and Bengals will have to take them. But LA coach Sean McVay and his Cincinnati counterpart Zac Taylor said they don’t care much about the fight.

Despite the incidents, the session was an opportunity to appreciate some nice combinations, like this pass from Joe Burrow, the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, for Ja’Marr Chase, his star receiver (see below).

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