Potentially on the start, Trae Young already badly dredged!

It’s here rumor which ignites the NBA sphere before the holidays: Trae Young is potentially on the way to Atlanta. Inevitably, faced with an announcement of such magnitude, several franchises could position themselves on the file with the hope of recovering it. Unsurprisingly, players should also contact him, and he has already been hit on by his worst enemy.

This is one of the news this weekend: Trae Young, young All-Star and rival of Luka Doncic, could be the next big name to request an NBA trade. The reason ? His conflicting relationship with his coach Nate McMillan, but also a certain weariness towards some teammates. In any case, this is what an anonymous trainer explained in a particularly relayed article from Bleacher Report.

It must be said that the Hawks are currently having a particularly tasteless season and fans are struggling to regain the excitement and recklessness that allowed the franchise to reach the Eastern Conference Finals in 2021. is stagnant and stereotypical, defense is optional for some, which gives a record of 16 wins and 16 losses, but above all a small place in play-in.

Trae Young coveted by a Knicks star?!

If Ice Trae is increasingly criticized, especially for his lack of involvement in certain sequences, he is nonetheless a promising player who could totally change the face of a franchise if he leaves. It is therefore not surprising to see him being flirted with, even by his worst enemy! Indeed, one Knicks player liked an unequivocal tweet on the matter:

A Trae Young and Jalen Brunson duet would be amazing

As rumors swell around Trae Young, this like from Jalen Brunson can take on the meaning of an invitation. New York would also have some strong assets to convince Atlanta, with in particular an RJ Barrett in great shape currently. In such great shape, moreover, that Brunson refuses to trade him, since he quickly made a point of clarification in the face of the extent of his like.

Mdr it was an accidental like, I like my team as it is 🗽🤞

Difficult to know if Jalen Brunson is telling the truth or not, the fact remains that the Knicks are not likely to activate to recover Trae Young. His defensive shortcomings, combined with those of Brunson, would create too many shifts in the Thibodeau system, which he would not accept.

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