Portland: Sarr signs summer contract

A little over a month and a half before the resumption of the NBA, will Olivier Sarr succeed in convincing? The 23-year-old French pivot is in any case given his chance on the Portland side, reveals this Sunday the always well-informed Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. The native of Niort signed an « Exhibit 10 » contract. This means that he will be able to participate in the Blazers’ training camp, and can then dream of a « two way » contract, which allows him to go back and forth between the NBA and the G-League, if he convinces. Oregon franchise staff. Olivier Sarr, who spent four years in college between 2017 and 2021, first at Wake Forest and then at Kentucky, was not drafted by an NBA franchise in 2021. Despite everything, Oklahoma City made him sign a ten-day contract at the end of December, then a second, and he finally obtained a « two-way » contract from the Thunder on February 22 … before being cut on April 6, the franchise wishing to test other players.

Sarr showed up with OKC

In a team without great ambitions, which finished penultimate in the Western Conference, the Frenchman had had time to showcase himself, averaging 22 7-point, 4.2-rebound games in 19 minutes, including a 24-point, 6-rebound game against Phoenix on April 3. In Portland, the pivot will also try to stand out in training and during pre-season games within a franchise that disappointed a lot last year (13th in the West, first season without play -offs for nine years), due in particular to the injury of its superstar, Damian Lillard. This summer, Olivier Sarr had also participated in a « free agent » camp with the Lakers and in the Summer League with the Phoenix. He clings to his NBA dream, will he get a contract for the coming season? The ball is in his court.

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