Porsche’s new Formula E Gen3 hit the track

Here is the first on-track taste of the new generation of Formula E. The Porsche team unveiled its first tests of the FE Gen3, which will be introduced from 2023. Pascal Wehrlein covered a few kilometers on the Porsche test circuit from Weissach on Wednesday with this new mount.

The Formula E Gen3 is a big evolution compared to the Gen2, used again this season. These single-seaters will be 60 kg lighter and above all more powerful: the powertrain will have a power of 350 kW (the equivalent of 470 hp). The new FE will be able to reach a maximum speed of 320 km/h. More than 40% of the energy used during a race will be produced by regenerative braking. Finally, the recycled carbon fiber used for the bodywork will come in part from this season’s Gen2 cars.

Porsche is the first team to unveil test images of the new FE Gen3. Pascal Wehrlein came out of this first run feeling good. “It was a very interesting day and a great experience to drive our new Gen3 car for the first time. I look forward to testing it at full power soon. My first impressions today were also very good and it made me want to know more. »

Florian Modlinger, Porsche team principal in Formula E, expressed his satisfaction with the work done and the importance of these first runs. “We took the first step towards Gen3 today, with the successful deployment on our test track at the development center. I would like to thank the team for the enormous efforts they have made to make this possible. It took a lot of technological and operational work to get our new car for Season 9 on the track and to get the first few miles. We now look forward to the days and weeks ahead to continue to progress with the car. »

Next season, Porsche will also supply a powertrain for the Andretti team.

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