Porsche will supply four LMDhs for customer teams

After the announcement of its future arrival in Formula 1, Porsche is gaining momentum in Endurance. The German manufacturer has revealed it has the capacity to supply and service four LMDh prototypes developed in conjunction with Multimatic Motorsport for 2023. The vehicles will be split between the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and IMSA. Thus, Porsche continues the commitment made when announcing its return to the discipline at the end of 2020, namely that private drivers will represent the Stuttgart brand alongside its factory cars in the two championships.

« That could be up to two cars in each [championnat] »explains Thomas Laudenbach, the new boss of Porsche Motorsport, at the microphone of Autosport. « We think that’s the maximum and we can’t do more than that. One thing is clear, it’s not about selling as many cars as possible, that’s not our goal. With a prototype of such a level, if we sell a car to a racing team, first of all it is important that the team is at a certain level to manage it and then that we can support them. they have everything to be competitive. »

Urs Kuratle, Director of Porsche LMDh.

Urs Kuratle, Director of Porsche LMDh.

Urs Kuratle, who leads the LMDh project at Porsche, hinted that the private car contingent would not necessarily end up as a two-car team in each class. “There could be two teams, with one car each, both in WEC and IMSA”says Kuratle, who is keen to point out that no agreements have been reached with any customer teams for 2023. « We have had good discussions with customers, but nothing is signed yet. Yes, we are in contact with potential customers, but there are not ten teams in a position to become one for a car like this. this. »

Laudenbach also claims that the number of privateer Porsche LMDhs on the WEC and IMSA starting grid could increase in the following years of the program, after 2023. « With one more season, we will have a greater supply capacity »did he declare. « We will have learned more about the car and about working with customers. If we have one or two more cars in the future, that will be perfect. »

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