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Singer Vehicle Design has made a solid reputation for restoring and improving vintage Porsche 911s. While the American specialist called on its partners for the modification and manufacture of its engines, it is now Porsche that will take care of it, except for the 4.0 l engine designed and built by Williams Advanced Engineering in the Kingdom. -United.

Reported by Top Gear, this news is surprising and unexpected. Singer Vehicle Design has entered into a partnership with Porsche and in particular Porsche Motorsport North America which will assemble in the United States modified Flat 6 engines for Singer, according to Singer’s own specifications.

This arrangement shows Porsche’s respect and approval for Singer’s quality work, which is a nice recognition that can open up other future collaborations.

Porsche Motorsport is used to working with racing teams and other companies by building and supplying competition engines. Now, the North American sports arm of the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen sports car manufacturer begins a new collaboration focusing on the assembly of remanufactured engines, the characteristics of which will continue to be defined by Singer specifications. Engines for future singer vehicles will be assembled at Porsche Motorsport’s North American headquarters, located in the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.

The contract does not include engines for the DLS (Dynamics and Lightweight Study) cars, these engines will continue to be assembled for Singer in the UK by Williams Advanced Engineering.

Photos: Singer Vehicle Design

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