Porsche will not become a shareholder of Red Bull

After the announcement, at the end of August, of the arrival of Audi in Formula 1 from the 2026 season, all eyes turned to the cousin brand, Porsche, which is also expected as a potential entry into the category. queen of motorsport at the same deadline.

A partnership with Red Bull then seemed to be on the right track. This would have allowed the Austrian team to benefit from the striking power of an iconic motorsport brand, whether in terms of engineering, finance or marketing, and the German brand to benefit the support and experience of a team that has won several Formula 1 worlds. In addition, Porsche could also have relied on the engine department Red Bull Powertrainsallowing him not to have to start from scratch in the design of his future power unit.

A few days before the Dutch Grand Prix, the first doubts from Red Bull appeared. Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have notably expressed their fears about a possible loss of independence of the energy drink brand on the team, to the benefit of Porsche. Indeed, it was planned that the Stuttgart brand would buy 50% of the team’s shares in addition to motorizing the Milton Keynes single-seaters.

Last weekend, it was again the Austrian sports adviser who came to the fore, saying that this change in the shareholding was not going to take place: “Porsche will not become one of our shareholders. » However, this declaration does not close the door to a partnership with an engine manufacturer, but this must be done under conditions.

“We have the capabilities to build our own engine. We have invested, we have the infrastructure, the staff and the resources. We are independent and wish to remain so. If a manufacturer wants to join us, it will be by respecting our DNA. »

Red Bull therefore seems to be sticking to its guns and a rapprochement with the sports brand of the Volkswagen group seems to be receding day by day.

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