« Porsche will not be a shareholder in Red Bull », assures Helmut Marko

While it was expected that the agreement between Red Bull and Porsche would be formalized soon, it seemed that their collaboration was now compromised…

During the Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull and Porsche seemed to have agreed on a « partnership of equals » thus implying a takeover of 50% of the shares of the F1 activities of the Austrian company by the German manufacturer. And while an official confirmation was expected very soon, it seems that Red Bull has finally changed its mind… In effect, Helmut Marko recently told F1-Insider that Porsche would in no way be a shareholder of the Austrian team. A reversal of the situation which is most certainly linked to a fear on the part of Red Bull of losing control over the decisions to be made concerning its team.

Is an agreement of another nature possible?

The advisor and head of Red Bull’s youth sector added, however, that even if participation was no longer envisaged, it did not however close the door to a collaboration of a different nature and involving Red Bull Powertrains. But the negotiations seem to be at a standstill for the moment… « We said that we would become engine manufacturers ourselves from 2026. There have been discussions with Porsche, but we are very determined to build an engine – the very first Red Bull engine. This is an exciting new chapter for Red Bull, and whether or not we will have a partner for this is up for debate, » he explained. And even if its agreement with Porsche were finally to be completely abortedHelmut Marko ensures that Red Bull would suffer no consequences. « We have all the capabilities to build our own engines. We have invested, we have the infrastructure, we have the personnel, we have the resources. We are independent and we can remain so. If a manufacturer wants to join us, this will be respecting this DNA », he concluded. To be continued…

Published on 09/08/2022 Updated 09/08/2022

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