Porsche will add a large electric SUV to its lineup

The Porsche range will soon have a new model in its ranks, in this case a luxurious 100% electric SUV. This will be produced in Leipzig, Germany, and will follow in particular the next Macan also “zero emissions”.



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Porsche announces an unprecedented high-end electric SUV.


While the Cayenne, Porsche’s first SUV, is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2022, the German manufacturer is announcing the arrival of a new vehicle of this type. It will therefore be the third, since the more compact Macan has enriched the manufacturer’s offer in 2014. No spark plugs for this future model, however, since it will be 100% electric. It will be a luxury model, which should therefore be at least as big as a Cayenne even if its size has not been specified.

Porsche develops its top of the range

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Porsche Macan Cayenne

Porsche already has two SUVs in its range: the Macan and the Cayenne.


 » We plan to add a new all-electric luxury SUV to our catalog, rolling off the assembly lines in Leipzig announced Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche. The Leipzig plant, built for the Cayenne today produced in Slovakia, currently assembles the Panamera and Macan. She will turn 20 on August 20. The perfect opportunity to present a first preview of the future model? The SUV will be the seventh Porsche model family, already recently extended with the arrival of the Taycan. This will be part of a strategy to exceed 20% margin, against 17 to 18% currently.  » We will expand our presence in the automotive luxury segment. We particularly target high-margin segments and want to seize new business opportunities “, explained the leader. This policy echoes that of Mercedes, which will abandon its smaller models to develop an increasingly popular top-of-the-range offer.

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Porsche Leipzig

The future SUV will be produced at the Porsche plant in Leipzig, Germany.


All Porsches soon to be electric except the 911?

According to British journalists fromCoach, Porsche’s large electric SUV will be based on a Sport version of the Volkswagen Group’s future modular SSP platform, which is to be inaugurated in 2026 by a compact sedan from the Wolfsburg brand. Porsche would have obtained the responsibility of developing this sporty variant of said architecture. As early as fall 2020, rumors announced a large six-seater electric SUV from Porsche, which would have “cousins” from Audi and Bentley.

Also according to the publication from across the Channel, the renewal of the Porsche Panamera and Taycan would also be planned with the SSP technical base, which means that the large sedan of the brand would go to “zero emissions”. The future Cayenne would also be devoid of a combustion engine but based on the PPE architecture currently being developed by Porsche and Audi, like the next Macan whose launch initially planned for 2023 would have been postponed to 2024. Remember that a next generation of exclusively electric 718 was officially announced for the middle of this decade. By 2030, Porsche wants to achieve 80% of its sales with 100% electric vehicles, a type of engine that the 911 should resist for a few more years. A hybrid version of this icon has nevertheless been announced soon.


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