Porsche unveils its secret Cayenne convertible project

Porsche was already imagining a convertible SUV in the early 2000s! This year, the Cayenne celebrates its 20th anniversary. The opportunity for the brand to reveal to us the secret project of a convertible version of its model.

This Porsche Cayenne convertible has never been seen before. Remained in concept form, the model was produced in a single and unique copy. At the time, the goal of the brand’s engineers was to offer a fun variant, of the one that will participate in the revival of Porsche.

When it was released in 2002, the Cayenne revolutionized the luxury 4×4 market. This is the first time that a manufacturer of sports vehicles like Porsche has entered the SUV market. Then, 20 years later, the model became a reference throughout the world. Since then, two generations have been deployed, with the success that we know. It must be said that the Cayenne has largely contributed to the recovery of the Stuttgart firm.

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A Cayenne with the look of Targa

Aesthetically, this convertible version of the Cayenne evolves significantly compared to the standard SUV, especially on the rear part. The model, which has four seats, is therefore equipped with a canvas roof, and not a hardtop. According to the engineers, the soft top should be stored in the compartment above the rear passengers. A shape that reminds us of the Targa from Porsche.

Unfortunately, the brand explains that the mechanism never worked. It was therefore necessary to put the hood back manually.

In the photos, we notice a stern literally cut in two. Indeed, the designers had not yet validated the final design of the rear of the Cayenne convertible.

However, this prototype has no engine. Porsche would not have arrived at the stage of reflection on the on-board block.

The project for this Cayenne convertible has never been validated. Yet, a few years later, Land Rover rolled out its Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Even within the VW house, the T‑Roc has a convertible version.

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