Porsche Taycan Cross, the patent pending

At Porsche, the multiplication of models is a mastered art. Next example, coupe, convertible and… Cross versions of the Taycan electric sedan. After having declined its super sedan as a Sport Turismo station wagon, and the latter as an “adventurous” Cross Turismo variant, Porsche could therefore do the same with the sedan, as shown by the patent filing images.

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The Volvo example?

A raised sedan decked out in plastic protection giving it an adventurous air… we’ve already seen that somewhere. Of course, we are talking about the Volvo S60 XC. Here, our colleagues at MotorTrend have reportedly discovered patent filing images that illustrate a raised Porsche Taycan with redesigned bumpers. Sufficient to consider a “4-door” equivalent to the Cross Turismo station wagon? Maybe … Basically, Porsche likes to enhance its models lately, like the high legged 911 prototype which has been surprised on several occasions. At least we would avoid one more SUV among the novelties!

What interest ?

In absolute terms, the interest in this type of vehicle is questionable when we already know that the vast majority of SUVs sold only see dust at the edge of urban sidewalks or when walking on country roads. So an iteration of a super sporty electric large-format sedan capable of going all-road …

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But now, it would be a Porsche! And the propensity of the brand’s customers to buy anything that presents itself as “new” is evident. Provided that the coat of arms on the hood is the Prancing Teutonic horse! unless it is a question of being able to convince and convert the owners of American ranches, the Eastern princes, new-rich Russians or drivers walking the Walloon roads on a daily basis, for whom driving in a normal Taycan is like skiing on the flat bottom a little too often… In short, with Porsche, nothing is impossible!

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