PORSCHE Taycan 4S Sport Turismo review

Walid Bouarab on 02/15/2022

Porsche continues to expand the range of its remarkable sedan. With this Sport Turismo variant, the promise of a rather practical and still stunning station wagon is kept. Strong arguments, in the literal sense.

High Speed ​​Family

After having played the adventurers in the Cross Turismo variant, the Taycan reduces its ground clearance, strips off its protections and turns into a more traditional shooting break, better planted on its wheels. The result is this Sport Turismo version, which completes the range of the German sedan. Unveiled at the last Los Angeles show, this almost family Taycan also took the opportunity to release the GTS label, sportier than our test model (4S), but a good distance from the Turbo and Turbo S supersonics.

The recipe remains the same as the Cross Turismo, except for a few centimeters of ground clearance. The Sport Turismo (a name also used for the thermal sister Panamera) still benefits from its generous wheelbase (2.90 m), a trunk of 446 dm3 and storage space of 84 liters under the front bonnet. In this 4S version equipped with the 93.4 kWh Performance Plus battery, the power of the two electric motors (one per axle) is 490 hp. In Sport Plus mode and Launch Control activated, the boost even reaches 571 hp. The magic of the electric tumbles the 650 Nm of torque instantly for accelerations that are just as brutal. With this Sport Turismo, Porsche is taking the opportunity to change the Taycan’s endowment. The multimedia system receives updates concerning its interface: colored icons for more ergonomics, integration of Android Auto smartphone compatibility, Google voice assistant… In terms of functionality, this Taycan break also introduces Remote Park Parking, to park its vehicle remotely via smartphone. Finally, the very large glazed roof is equipped with liquid crystals to completely or partially opacify via rows of patterns.

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So much for the presentations. During this winter test carried out in the Salzburg region, the capricious weather and the heavy snowfall prompted us to opt for the most reasonable 4S version, whose already punchy performance and all-wheel drive are a must. Unsurprisingly, we find the excellent level of comfort of this Porsche yet capable of playing super sports. Despite the autonomy figures announced (between 417 and 498 km of autonomy), our 100% loaded Taycan announces that we will surrender in only 340 km. The very low temperatures and the recording of the consumptions of our previous colleague certainly did not help. Our final destination being much closer than this limit, we do not look at the energy expenditure. And the very fast German to impress us with her performance and accuracy. Always precise, led by a reactive and disciplined front axle, which can always count on a conciliatory booty, the Taycan Sport Turismo does nothing for the sedan. A portion of the journey being made on a closed and generously snow-covered road allows us to indulge in a few drifts, revealing an exquisite balance and a rigorous and communicative direction. Add to that accelerations that are still just as hard to take and you get the ultimate sports family car.

Remains the weight, the enemy of the good in this case. Porsche communicates a mass of 2250 kg, empty. Downhill, and despite the high-performance winter tires on our test model, the stopping distances bear witness to the substantial load to be stopped. Not to be forgotten in case of bouts of optimism. As far as its family virtues are concerned, this Taycan Sport Turismo offers 4 cm more headroom at the rear.

Sufficient to comfortably seat two adults. However, it is difficult to imagine this overpowered but not very durable station wagon as the ideal family car. Especially since its price exceeding 110,000 € reserves it for an elite. A model that is essential for Porsche, now more sold than the famous 911, and which must announce a 100% electric future that is pleasing, even for a brand with such a sporting philosophy.

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