Porsche rolled out its LMDh prototype

Frenchman Frédéric Makowiecki had the privilege of completing the first laps at the wheel of the Porsche LMDh which will compete in the IMSA and WEC Championships next season. A few weeks after unveiling the first images of its prototype, which uses a Multimatic chassis as permitted in this category, the German manufacturer has moved up a gear and shown that it was clearly on schedule.

« Frankly, it was a very positive first run, commented the French driver, of whom we currently know two teammates, Felipe Nasr and Dane Cameron. We were able to do a few laps and find out that the car was working as expected. Now we have a good starting point to move forward. My first thought went to all the people who worked for months to get this Porsche LMDh to hit the track. It is a very moving moment to be able to represent them. »

To integrate this new category, Porsche has teamed up with the American team Penske, which will set up the racing team and run the prototypes.

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