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Marvin Klein has won the eventful seventh round of the 2022 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup at Zandvoort. For the Frenchman and his CLRT team, this is the first single-make international cup victory with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Dylan Pereira came second on the Formula 1 circuit on the North Sea coast. With that, the Luxembourger extended his championship lead to 18 points and handed his BWT Lechner Racing team an early win in the team standings. The Supercup final will be played in Monza, Italy next weekend.

Marvin Klein needed nerves of steel in the seventh round of the 2022 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. Driving for the CLRT team, the Frenchman had to defend his leading position against close chasers on three occasions: at the normal start and two restarts after safety car phases.

“It was tricky because the track was very slippery, especially with cold tyres. I concentrated on my trajectory and I avoided looking in the mirror as much as possible. », said Marvin Klein. The tactic worked. After twelve laps, Klein crossed the finish line barely four tenths of a second ahead of Morris Schuring. With this result, the reigning French Cup champion Porsche Carrera celebrated his first victory in the single-make international cup with the 510 hp Porsche 911 GT3.

However, Schuring’s joy for his second place finish was short-lived. At the start, he had omitted to line up his 911 on the grid in the prescribed position. The stewards gave him a five-second penalty. As a result, the 17-year-old Dutchman from the Huber Racing team was relegated far down the official race results list.

Points leader Dylan Pereira also experienced a rollercoaster of emotions in the penultimate race. The fastest qualifier was relegated to P4 due to a collision. After the first lap, he had dropped to eighth place and was entangled in several battles for positions. However, he managed to finish third and then inherited second place due to Morris Schuring’s penalty – the BWT Lechner Racing Luxembourger couldn’t complain about a lack of variety. “My main focus throughout the race was on Larry ten Voorde. I wanted to finish right behind him. The fact that I managed to pass Larry takes a heavy load off my shoulders for the final at Monza. »said Pereira, describing his ongoing duel with the reigning Supercup champion.

ten Voorde, who is now 18 points behind Pereira, was still happy with third place in his home race. “My start was perfect and I even overtook Dylan. But I have to admit my pace wasn’t enough to keep Dylan behind me for the race distance. Still, the bottom line is that I was able to keep the title decision open until the final round next weekend. »said the local hero of the GP Elite team.

ten Voorde took second place overall, replacing Junior Porsche driver Laurin Heinrich, who finished fifth at Zandvoort. “I couldn’t do much from 10th on the grid. The full yellow phases shortened the race too much for me to progress in the peloton. »said the German driver SSR Huber Racing.

Dane Bastian Buus finished between ten Voorde and Heinrich. The youngster from the BWT Lechner Racing team won the rookie classification for the seventh time this season and thus secured an early title. “I was hoping to finish on the podium, but unfortunately it didn’t work out today. Yet that doesn’t matter now. »said the 19-year-old, who has already celebrated an overall victory this season.

Even before the 30th Supercup season ends next weekend, BWT Lechner Racing have already won the team title, making it the twelfth title for the seasoned specialists from Austria. “We dreamed of it at the start of the season. Now I’m incredibly proud of my entire team for turning that dream into reality. »said delighted team leader Robert Lechner.

The title decision in the ProAm category, however, was pushed back to the final. Norwegian Roar Lindland (Pierre Martinet by Alméras), the ProAm points leader, only finished third in his class. The victory went to his British teammate Aaron Mason. Interestingly, Mason didn’t even reach the flag due to an accident. This incident, however, caused the race to be stopped. In such situations, the outcome is determined by the previous normal round order – and at this point Mason was still leading the ProAm class.

Even before Mason’s accident, the race had to be neutralized twice by the safety car. The first incident was caused by Englishman Harry King (BWT Lechner Racing) and local hero Jaap van Lagen (Martinet by Alméras) on the second lap.

After resuming the race in second and third place on the grid respectively, the two faced off in a battle for second place, which put them both out of the race.

“Zandvoort has once again lived up to its reputation of always delivering extremely exciting and action-packed races. We put on a great show for the many fans. Congratulations to BWT Lechner Racing and Bastian Buus for winning an early title. Now I look forward to the final in Monza and the thrilling battle for the Drivers’ Championship crown between Dylan Pereira, Larry ten Voorde and Laurin Heinrich. », commented Oliver Schwab, project manager of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.  »

Parade of Formula 1 drivers with historic Porsche police cars
Right next to the racing 911 GT3 Cups, a whole fleet of historic Porsches – former Dutch highway police cars – delighted fans in the Supercup paddock. The unique convertible and Targa models assembled by Porsche Nederland had a very special role in Zandvoort during the official parade of Formula 1 drivers.

Result race 7, Zandvoort (NL)
1. Marvin Klein (France/CLRT), 23:57.458 minutes
2. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg / BWT Lechner Racing), +0.740 seconds
3. Larry ten Voorde (Netherlands/Team GP Elite), +1.155 seconds
4. Bastian Buus (Denmark/BWT Lechner Racing), +2.652 seconds
5. Laurin Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing), +3.013 seconds

Points classification (after 7 out of 8 races)
1. Dylan Pereira (L/BWT Lechner Racing), 137 points
2. Larry ten Voorde (NL/Team GP Elite), 119 points
3. Laurin Heinrich (D/SSR Huber Racing), 117 points
4. Bastian Buus (DK/BWT Lechner Racing), 97 points
5. Harry King (GB/BWT Lechner Racing), 92 points

General classification by team
winner: BWT Lechner Racing (Austria)

General ranking of rookies
Bastian Buus (DK, BWT Lechner Racing)

Photos: Porsche

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