Porsche Macan (2023). The prototypes of the electric SUV are out

The future Porsche Macan is still camouflaged on some official photos. The 100% electric SUV will be produced in Leipzig from 2023. The current combustion engine model will however continue its career in parallel.



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Porsche has started road tests for the future electric Macan.


[Mis à jour le 11/10/2021] The future Porsche Macan, 100% electric, will be sold from 2023 in Europe, in parallel with the current thermal generation present until 2024. Pending the presentation of the newcomer, spy photos continue to enhance speculation on the style of the German SUV. It should be more cut, like the Cayenne Coupé, with a much more elusive roofline.


Porsche has just started road tests of its future 100% electric Macan after several months of testing the vehicle at its development center in Weissach (Germany). Anticipating “stolen” photos and other leaks, the German manufacturer unveils on this occasion some images of the prototypes currently in use.

False airs of a “coupe” SUV

The vehicles are still heavily camouflaged, but some of their stylistic attributes are already emerging. The front, especially with regard to the shape of the lights and the bonnet, unsurprisingly evokes that of the Taycan. We notice the inclined rear uprights giving the pavilion a circular arc shape, a treatment which probably makes it possible to reduce aerodynamic drag and therefore improve autonomy compared to a more vertical tailgate like that of the current Macan thermal. The rear lights should be grouped together in a light strip. To deceive the less informed observers, Porsche has equipped its prototypes with dummy tailpipes.

Porsche Macan prototype before
The Macan leaves the well-guarded Porsche facilities.

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Make way for new technologies

The second Macan of the name will be based on the modular PPE platform co-developed by Porsche and Audi. In particular, it will share this architecture with the future Audi Q6 e-tron. Its battery will benefit from a voltage of 800 V, like that of the Taycan, which will allow high charging speeds on the appropriate terminals. Porsche is still careful not to reveal more technical information. In parallel with road tests, the Stuttgart firm is increasingly focusing on computer simulations in the development of its vehicles.  » The digital world is inseparable from the development of the electric Macan », Explains Thomas Wiegand, chief aerodynamicist of the brand. This computerization saves time, and saves resources by making it possible to build fewer physical prototypes according to Porsche.

Porsche Macan prototype trunk
Road tests require a lot of measuring equipment.
Porsche Macan virtual prototype
Porsche is increasingly using digital prototypes.

A double Macan range in 2023

It is now official, the second Porsche Macan of the name will be marketed in 2023. It will be produced in Leipzig (Germany), as the current model which will continue to be offered alongside it for markets and customers slower to switch to all electric.  » In Europe, demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, but the speed of the transition varies widely across the world », Says Michael Steiner, head of research and development at Porsche. The SUV launched in 2014 and restyled in 2018 will therefore be updated for the second time this year. and will thus begin the third cycle of his commercial career.

Porsche Macan prototype Michael Steiner
Michael Steiner, head of Porsche R&D, poses between two Macan prototypes.

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