Porsche launches… a roof tent

Porsche Tequipment: this is the new project of the German manufacturer. A roof tent weighing approximately 56 kg for more than 2.5 m long and wide, 1.2 m high and two side windows, which transforms any sports car of the brand into a hotel room. This tent can be installed on the roofs of the 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan. The delivery of this product will start from November 2022.

Porsche roof tent, almost Glamping...
Porsche roof tent, almost Glamping… – DR

Limited speed

Buyers will have the choice of a black or gray colorway, adorned with the matte black Porsche logo. Water-resistant zippers are present as well as a very insulating quilted lining. Comfort is assured inside and assembly is carried out quickly. The only detail that does not fit at all with the image we have of Porsche: it will be necessary to avoid exceeding 130 km / h at the wheel, at the risk of seeing your night shelter fly away.

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