Porsche continues to bet on the e-bike sector

“We see great potential for Porsche in the e-bike segment. That is why we are constantly developing our activities in this area,” Explain Lutz Meschke, responsible for finance and information technology. As a result, in recent months Porsche has acquired stakes in several companies in the e-bike segment. In addition to the Croatian brand of e-bikes Greyp, Porsche has increased its stake in the company from 20% to 100% fazua in June. Munich-based Fazua has established itself as the founder of ‘lightweight’ e-bikes and will merge with Porsche eBike Performance GmbH.

Birth of two young shoots

More recently, the German manufacturer founded two companies with the Dutch company Ponooc Investment BV, which started their activities on August 1, 2022. The first, Porsche eBike Performance GmbH, is based in Ottobrunn near Munich, and will be responsible for developing electric propulsion systems for two-wheeled vehicles. These systems include motors, batteries and the software architecture needed for connectivity solutions. The other joint venture, P2 eBike GmbHbased in Stuttgart, will use these powertrains for a new generation of Porsche e-bikes, starting in 2025.

In addition to Fazua’s compact powertrains, Porsche eBike Performance GmbH will develop and produce powertrains under the Porsche brand. In the future, both product categories will be supplied to e-bike manufacturers around the world, for which the newly created joint venture will be a technology partner. Electric powertrains will be used both in Porsche products and other brands.

Other areas of development

Independent of the activities of the joint venture, Porsche continues to work with its long-standing partner, Rotwild, on its current e-bike models. In March 2021, the company launched its interpretation of proprietary e-bikes with the Porsche eBike Sport and the Porsche eBike Cross.

In addition, Porsche Digital GmbH offers a platform for digital services related to cycling under the brand Cyklaer. The award-winning Cyklær bike was developed in collaboration with Fazua and Greyp.

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