Porsche Carrera GT vs. Lexus LFA! (+ video)

The Carrera GT and the LFA are gems of the automobile whose V10 emit vocalizations to die for. How not to listen to them confront each other?

There are in cars, sounds that rarely leave you indifferent. Some engine architectures are more famous than others and the higher the number of cylinders, the more the engine is considered noble.

However a Porsche Flat6 is always fun just like a Ferrari V8 or an Aston Martin V12. It is nevertheless a rare architecture which, from a sound emotion point of view, makes almost everyone agree. The V10 !

4 and 5 cylinders

Before the long-awaited duel, present themselves on the starting line an Audi RS3 versus an S4. The second offers a fairly neutral sounding 4-cylinder 310 hp turbo while the first has the fabulous 5 cylinder turbo of the ring builder. This one develops 410 hp and a very pleasant sound.

Not surprisingly, the RS3 won without much difficulty before facing the Lexus LFA. A myth of the automobile, a small madness of the Japanese manufacturer who produced there an exceptional model witha thunderous V10. Despite its 560 hp, it does not easily take the upper hand over the RS3.

This benefits from its 4-wheel drive system to start very strong while the LFA once launched continues to accelerate much stronger. Both cars finish the 400 meters in 11.8 seconds but between 100 and 160 km/h, the Lexus recovers its delay and crosses the finish line with a higher speed of 11 km/h compared to the RS3.

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Two classic V10s

This is no doubt 2 of the most beautiful automotive sounds. Two V10s that have made many enthusiasts dream. The Lexus LFA takes place alongside a Porsche Carrera GT. From a purely technical point of view, the Porsche Carrera GT displays a fine cavalry of 612 hp but above all a lower weight of 100 kg. She logically takes the advantage during the 400 meter race.

But as a result of the emotional, it is much more difficult to choose as the two cars we take advantage of vocalizations of dreams. But why are the five and 10 cylinders so special? It does this in part because, like all five-cylinder engines, the sound it produces is a perfect fifth, one of the most important harmonies in music. By doubling the number of cylinders, and adding high revsyou then obtain an incomparable sound.

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