Porsche and Red Bull Racing future allies

While the Porsche brand should enter Formula 1 by 2026, official documents suggest that the German brand will forge a very close partnership with Red Bull Racing via the takeover of 50% of the capital of the Austrian stable.

Porsche does not intend to make up the numbers in Formula 1. Like Audi, the German brand recently obtained the approval of the leaders of the Volkswagen Group to enter the discipline in 2026, when engine regulations will evolve. Very quickly after the formalization of the green light, paddock noises hinted at Porsche’s interest in partnering with Red Bull Racingwhich is currently developing its future engine in-house.

The announcement of this alliance was initially scheduled for the last Austrian Grand Prix, but a setback in the finalization of the 2026 regulations caused a delay. However, it is only a matter of days before the open secret is revealed. Indeed, as argued by the British magazine Motorsport this Wednesday in its columns, Porsche and Red Bull Racing are set to announce a ten-year partnership on August 4. The form of this partnership will be an entry of the German manufacturer in the capital of the Austrian team up to 50%.

Red Bull Racing-Porsche partnership unveiled in Morocco

The details of the operation were revealed by official documents coming from… Morocco. Indeed, the two companies must obtain the approval of several competition authorities around the world, including those of the European Union, before formalizing such a merger. However, Moroccan legislation requires that the documents related to such a procedure be made public. It is thus announced that Porsche will take 50% of the capital of Red Bull Technology, the company which oversees the activities of the Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri teams, but also of the team based in Milton Keynes.

Such an operation will allow Porsche to take advantage of the teams set up within the Red Bull Powertrains subsidiary to develop an engine that will bear its name from 2026. As for the AlphaTauri team, if it should also use this Porsche engine, there is no indication that Red Bull will sell part of the capital. It now remains for the Audi brand to move forward with its F1-related projectswhich could well go through a takeover of Sauber, which again this year engages the team bearing the name Alfa Romeo.

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