Porsche 911 Vision Safari, the one that will make Dakar enthusiasts dream

In the second half of October, a rather mysterious Porsche 911 prototype was spotted on the Nürburgring with an unusually high ride height. It didn’t take too long for people to think that a Safari-like version might be in the works as a modern interpretation of the 911 SC Safari.

The 911 Vision Safari was developed in 2012, but Porsche waited until this year to unveil the car. It is actually a working prototype that was used on the degraded grounds of the Porsche test center in Weissach. Chief designer Michael Mauer was impressed with the upgraded 911: « I’ve rarely had so much fun before! ».

Just like its ancestor, the 911 Vision Safari was designed with raised suspensions and specific wheel arches capable of tolerating a few stones on a rough road. The front and rear bumpers were also reinforced and the roof received an LED bar to evolve during a night special.

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