PORSCHE 911 (992) GTS 3.0 480 hp test

Cedric Pinatel on 01/18/2022

With the Porsche 911 GTS, the most radical Carrera is making a comeback in the Porsche range. And choosing a 911 has never been so difficult.

The middle ?

Here is the range of the 911 type 992 almost complete. After the classic Carrera and Carrera S versions available in coupé, convertible and Targa as well as in two and four-wheel drive, the German sports car had already recently been reinforced with the super-powerful Turbo/Turbo S variants and the sensational GT3. While waiting for the extreme GT3 RS and GT2 RS, the new GTS still makes the link between the classic Carrera family and the fastest 911s. It retains a recipe already applied to the previous 911 type 991 and 997: in addition to a style very slightly modified in detail both outside and inside (with pretty rims with central nuts, some black body parts, badges « GTS » everywhere and an interior stuffed with suede), it adopts, like the old versions, a reworked Carrera S flat-six.

With 30 horsepower and an additional 40 Nm, its engine reaches 480 horsepower, which is starting to be a lot for a “simple” 911 from the Carrera series. But the technical sheet reveals some interesting additions compared to the old GTS: in addition to the dynamic options of the Carrera S installed as standard (Sport Chrono Pack, PASM sports suspension …), it receives larger brakes taken from the 911 Turbo and rear suspensions identical to those of the latter (with special auxiliary springs). As an option at €8,472, the coupe can even gain 25 kilos on the scale with a pack that removes the rear seat, reduces interior insulation and adds a lighter battery as well as thinner glazing. What brings it closer to a real GT3?

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The best of the Carrera…

On the road, we immediately find the sensations of the other models in the Carrera range. There is always this somewhat firm suspension, this beautiful interior atmosphere which nicely combines a rather conservative style and a high degree of technological refinement (provided you go through the options). We just notice a flat-six which buzzes perhaps a little louder at a steady pace on the highway but not enough to prevent you from traveling everywhere and for a long time without getting tired.

Sport Plus mode activated on the circuit, we don’t lose our bearings either compared to the 911 Carrera S. The 3.0-litre bi-turbo flat-six, so much criticized by purists, still shows remarkable extension and hits hard along the straights (0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds). The PDK gearbox benefits from excellent responsiveness in manual mode and the sound becomes frankly intense as you approach the switch. With an impeccably attacking brake pedal (even without the carbon-ceramic), steering that’s still just as well adjusted and breathtaking dynamic rigor, you immediately get your bearings and enjoy pushing further. Note that the rear-wheel steering (standard with the lightening pack) greatly improves the dynamism of the beast, whether in two- or four-wheel drive: without this option, the GTS pivots less willingly in turns and pulls more on its front end. On the other hand, the all-wheel drive seems superfluous with such a degree of traction in propulsion. In the end, it is difficult to accurately gauge the differences in performance compared to an already extraordinary 911 Carrera S to drive on the road as well as on the circuit. But its immersive and addictive driving makes you want to never slow down.

Not easy to choose

At €147,218, the 911 GTS costs almost €20,000 more than a Carrera S (€128,988). With equal dynamic equipment, the price difference is much reduced between the two variants and it also remains much cheaper than the 911 Turbo (€197,488) and its monstrous performance. The 911 GT3, the best in the range in terms of pure driving sensations with its extreme settings and fabulous atmospheric flat-six, remains €30,000 more expensive (€178,595). And let’s not forget that a simple entry-level Carrera (385 horsepower and €113,388) is already very exciting to drive. Anyway, good luck choosing one…

To remember

quoteThe 911 GTS adds extra performance and dynamic efficiency to the already very tasty 911 Carrera S. It goes further than the previous cars in this respect and also remains less unaffordable than the Turbos and other GT3s. The compromise therefore seems to us more attractive than ever.
strong pointsSurprising engine character, addictive efficiency, driving pleasure

weak pointsFirmness of the damping on the road, not easy to choose between all these versions…


Price 2021:
147218 €

Powerful :
480 hp

0 to 100km/h:

Mixed consumption:
10.1 l/100 km

CO2 emission :

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