“Pogba would not be against coming to Paris”, reveals Anelka

Nicolas Anelka said, this Thursday evening in Rothen ignites on RMC, that Paul Pogba saw a positive arrival at PSG. It is even the midfielder of Manchester United in person who would have told him this confidence during a discussion.

It is a confidence that should make many PSG lovers salivate. And if Paul Pogba came to put his suitcases in the capital in the months to come? For some time now, the rumor has been coming back with insistence at each transfer window. But, according to Nicolas Anelka, consultant for RMC, the hypothesis is more than credible and the player himself welcomes a signing in Paris.

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« If he wants to come to Paris? I discussed that six months ago with him and he would not be against coming to PSG », revealed the former Blues striker in Rothen ignites, this Thursday evening. « If he comes, we will forget all his injuries and we will see that he is a top player, » added the member of Dream Team RMC Sport. Anelka and Pogba briefly rubbed shoulders in 2013 at Juventus Turin, during the very short stint of the former Parisian in Piedmont.

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“PSG would be great for him”

According to our consultant, the Red Devils midfielder, at the end of his contract next June, must absolutely leave Manchester United. « It’s not the best club where he can have fun and show his talent, » adds Anelka. “I think PSG would be great for him. Some say it wouldn’t be good for Paris, as he is supposedly often injured. But I think his injuries are due to his life in Manchester, because he is not well psychologically. »

Last week, The Telegraph claimed that Pogba had decided to wait until the end of the season to consider all options. According to the English media, Manchester City would even have come to the news. While the possibility of signing the 2018 world champion without paying any transfer fee is looming, PSG will have – if they really want to bring him – to face competition from several other European leaders such as Juve, Barça or even Real.

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