Poehling: « Each player follows his own path »

BROSSARD – Several players and head coach Dominique Ducharme spoke to the media following the camp’s first training sessions on Thursday at the Bell Sports Complex.

Attackers Nick suzuki, Cole caufield and Ryan Poehling answered questions from reporters. They were followed by Ducharme.

Here are some excerpts from their respective interviews:

Suzuki on his role at center as the season begins:

“I’m just trying to improve myself as a player and be useful to my team. We made a number of changes over the summer and we have young players, so I just want to take more responsibility. I want to pick up where Phil [Danault] has stopped. I want to pass punishments. I believe I can be an important player on the shorthand and play against the opposing best lines. I have experience and I want people to be able to count on me. And the next step is the face-offs. I worked a lot on this aspect. « 

Video: Nick suzuki on his role for the 2021-2022 season

Suzuki on being a young leader:

“Being part of the leader group I’m not really going to change who I am. I’m just going to lead by example and give the best of myself in practices and games. As a youngster, I have to choose the right time to speak, so I just try to feel comfortable and get to know all the new ones. « 

Caufield on the challenge of playing an 82-game season:

“I can’t wait to play more hockey. This is everyone’s goal. It’s going to be a long and difficult season, but I just want to be more consistent. I want to learn from other guys and learn from them. « 

Video: Cole caufield on the influence of Shea weber

Caufield on the influence of Captain Shea Weber:

“He takes being a professional very seriously. He is always one of the first to arrive at the arena and one of the last to leave. He is always working to improve himself. All the credit goes to him. That’s the reason he’s been playing for so long. This is a good example. Everyone respects him for what he is. He doesn’t really need to talk. We just have to watch him do it. No one is going to replace Shea. We have guys who learned from his experience and from the playoffs. We will try to fulfill its role as well as possible. It’s going to be tough losing a guy like him this year, but we believe in the guys in the locker room and we can’t wait to get started. « 

Poehling on his development since being drafted 25th overall in 2017:

“Each player follows their own path. You can’t be frustrated that someone else’s journey is different from yours. I make my own way. This is something that I have achieved and I just have to trust myself. I think it will all work out in the end and I’ll end up where I need to be. It was a good season for me last year and I just have to continue on this path. I hope it will work for me this year. « 

Video: Ryan Poehling on the expectations of him

Poehling on the mental aspect of the game:

“To be honest, it took a long time. I left college and had a good first game. Everything seemed possible for me. I have so high expectations of myself. I felt like my world was falling apart, but it took a while for me to realize that I am not that important to others. I could have very high self-esteem and at the same time very low self-esteem. But I finally realized that I had to stay on this path. That’s what happened in my second season, which was good. « 

Ducharme on reuniting Caufield in a trio with Suzuki and Toffoli:

“We formed this trio because the three players have developed a certain chemistry together. Suzuki and Caufield already have good chemistry. Toffoli and Suzuki have also demonstrated this before. They did some good things playing together in the playoffs. We will start like this, but it is certain that that can change within two weeks. The answer comes from the way the players behave on the ice. If all three play the right way, they can play all 82 games together. « 

Video: Ducharme on the state of health of Price and Hoffman

Ducharme on what he can’t wait to see from his players:

“I can’t wait to see the progress of our young people. I want to see if we learned from our experience last season. I want to see if we are going to use this experience in the right way. I think it’s something that can make everyone grow taller. This is what I would like to see. « 

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