PocketView, interactive clothing displays are coming

Smart screens that display information through the fabric of clothing could be the next wave of wearable technology.

The new technology, which researchers call PocketView, use LED lights to display the basic information. It can function as a stand-alone technology or be integrated with existing or next generation smart clothing and devices.

Researchers they have developed an innovative display that shows information through clothing and other fabrics. The team produced prototypes that mimic smartphones, pens, key rings, and other shapes and sizes – the screen shines through clothing to show notifications via email or messages, the time, weather or other basic information.

Clothes that are modernized

“The idea is not to display all the information you would normally see on your smartphone screen,” he says. Antony Albert Raj Irudayaraj, doctoral researcher at the University of Waterloo. “These are screens that display a minimum of information. Useful if you are riding a bike to see navigation instructions, or to check out message notifications without taking your attention away from what you are doing ”.

The prototypes are obviously Bluetooth enabled, which means they sync with existing devices.

The new visualization technology was developed by a team of researchers working in the field of human-machine interaction. One of their goals is to create consumer devices: for this reason, the team conducted a mass public inquiry to choose the design of the prototypes.

smart clothes
Two possible applications for smart clothing: check notifications and deadlines on the fly, report direction.

Popular approval

“Some of the survey results challenged us to rethink the size, shape and functionality of the screens,” he says. Nikhita joshi, who is part of the team. “Different sizes are important because many women’s dresses have tiny pockets. A phone in the front pocket can be uncomfortable, these screens offer more options. We have created a variety of form factors to suit all types and sizes of clothing ”.

Another key point about the new display technology is that it is relatively inexpensive and could be implemented on a large scale quickly.

Other portable display research focuses on creating new, high-tech clothing, while PocketView can also work with clothing that people already have.

Clothes and habits of the future

“Obviously, our focus is on the technology and programming aspect of the invention,” he says. Daniel Vogel, associate professor of computer science at Waterloo.

“Even as a fashion accessory, it’s something people told us they wanted. People will use it in clubs, to play sports, in a thousand other contexts. It is such a simple but radical thing that it has the potential to become part of everyone’s daily habits ”.

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