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Annoyed by the tone of his press conference, Mauricio Pochettino pretended to leave the desk before returning. A very strange maneuver …

« Why don’t you sit here (in his place, editor’s note) if you know so much about football?  » Mauricio Pochettino was quite annoyed this Friday during his press conference. After the sad 0-0 against Nice, the coach of Paris Saint Germain did not like some questions, especially the one about the offensive sector of his team, and the roles attributed to Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé.

« I do not understand the question and I cannot answer something that I do not understand », confided Pochettino, not very happy with the tone of his exchanges with the press. “It seems that today we cannot communicate. The last time, before Nice, we communicated very well ”, noticed the Argentinian, who then had the funny idea of ​​getting up, and pretending to leave the press conference.

Pochettino then returned before pretending to start a new press briefing. « Hello everyone, hello … Vamos … Smile, smile, smile », he said, going from French to Spanish then to English.

This somewhat surreal sequence tends to illustrate Mauricio Pochettino’s communication difficulties. On his arrival last January, the Argentinian had confided that he spoke a little French and understood it, but preferred to speak in Spanish to be more precise.

He has not changed his position, and for 11 months his press conferences have been mostly a succession of trivialities without much interest, and do not give the image of a coach having a very precise idea of ​​the identity. that he wants to give to his team.

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