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Juan Bernat is one of four PSG players to have tested positive for Covid-19. Problem: the Spanish left side was present at the PSG training center, Saturday January 1. What to fear a possible contamination of other players? Mauricio Pochettino did not deny that the risk was present … More

What if Juan Bernat’s positive Covid-19 test was even more damaging for PSG than Lionel Messi’s? The Spanish left side was indeed present at the club’s training center, Saturday, January 1, at the same time as all the available players of the PSG workforce. The former Bayern was therefore potentially able to transmit the virus to Sergio Ramos, Kylian Mbappé and company …

Bernat, PSG patient zero?

In a press conference, this Sunday, January 2, Mauricio Pochettino did not try to drown the fish. The PSG coach admitted that the risk was present.

 » Are we afraid that (Bernat) has infected the group? That’s the risk… Football is a contact sport. We are trying to take all the necessary measures. We have been living with this virus for two years. I’m not a doctor, but I do what the medical services tell us to do. We take every precaution to continue playing. « 

Mauricio Pochettino at a press conference

The Spanish side had a separate session

But the PSG are lucky in their misfortune. Indeed, Juan Bernat did a separate training session. The 28-year-old had a thigh injury against Monaco (2-0), Sunday, December 12 in Ligue 1. This individual training session was included in his recovery program.

Juan Bernat, return postponed.  Icon Sport
Juan Bernat, return postponed. Icon Sport

It is therefore a further blow for the 28-year-old, who had just returned to the field after his serious knee injury in September 2020. The Spaniard only made his return after 13 months away from the meadows. , October 15, 2021 against Angers in Ligue 1. He who was delighted with this rebirth will have to once again take his illness patiently to find his « life before. « 


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