Ploërmel FC: Lou Marchal takes part in the first round of the European Women’s Football Championship

Lou Marchal, goalkeeper of Ploërmel FC
Lou Marchal, goalkeeper of Ploërmel FC (Morbihan). ©Le Ploërmelais

She is growing up fast! In a few years, Lou Marchal knew how to establish herself as a goalkeeper, first of all in the goals of the Ploermel FC (Morbihan), before discovering the national selections. This time, she will be traveling with the French U17 team during the rally from September 30 to October 11, 2022 in Italy, which will count for the first round of the Europe championship.

The French will face Switzerland on October 4, 2022, then Italy three days later and finally Iceland on October 10, 2022. They hope to qualify for Euro 2023 which will take place from May 14 to 26, 2023, in Estonia.

Did you expect this U17F selection?

“Not really, I didn’t really know where to place myself because I spent the last year with the U16s being an U15. Every season is different. I did not know if I was going to be recalled and especially in which category. »

What does this represent for you?

“It’s always nice to see your name on the list, even if it’s not as strong as the first time. I see it above all as an opportunity to gain more experience, to play at the highest level with the best players. It is the accomplishment of a lot of work. My entourage is happy for me, it is also a source of pride. »

What are your personal and collective ambitions in this competition?

“Personally, I have the objective of having as much playing time as possible even if I know that the competition is tough, no place is won in advance. This is one more reason to excel. Collectively, the objective is clear: to pass the two qualifying rounds to go to the Euro, and of course to win it once there. »

How does it feel to rub shoulders with players who play in clubs like PSG, Lyon, Marseille…?

“Obviously, it’s weird to see Ploërmel surrounded by all these big names, but I don’t pay much attention to it, even if it’s a sign of quality in the group. All players have their place in this list. »

Lou Marchal makes his coaches proud

Coach of the U19F National de Bréquingy, Paul Cail is the former coach of Lou Marchal in the youth categories. He wanted to pass him a quick note: “I am very proud of Lou, who has been going through the selections. She must keep working to achieve her goals. I know she is well surrounded. I will continue to follow his performances this year and in the seasons to come. »

For his part, Arnaud Le Gal, the women’s coach of Ploërmel FC, is happy to be able to count on Lou: “She is a player who has enormous qualities. The journey she is writing proves it. She has a great future in football, that’s for sure. She works very hard to make it happen. Lou brings us, despite his young age, defensive stability and also reassures the players with his replacements, his quality of footwork and also on his goal line. “The coach, proud of the player, continues:” She also brings us influence at the national level. It is a source of pride for the club to have a player who plays at this level. Seeing the name of Ploërmel FC with prestigious clubs such as PSG or Lyon during the various summons is a great pleasure. »

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