Playoffs: the complete predictions of the editorial staff Touchdown Actu | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

Who will go to the end? Who will surprise?

The playoffs are coming, and so are the predictions! The Touchdown Actu team has passed the “bracket” test, the table of the final stages.

And one thing is clear: the Chiefs and Packers are the huge favorites for the weeks to come!

Alexandre lauque

Benjamin Monteyne

Raphael Masmejean

Brice Duhamel

Camille Saraben

Elioth Salmon

Frédéric Beucler

Guillaume Berson

Jean-Micheal Bougeard

Matthieu pasquier

Mehdi Jullien

Raoul Villeroy

Romain Therasse

Sebastien Polomeni

Tiffany Amisse

Victor Roullier

Xavier Renaud

Alain Mattei

Tristan henry

Remi Brazon

Lucas vola

Kevin zermatten

Francois Tusséki

Nicolas meichel

Kevin renaudet

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