« Playmakers », the TV series that the NFL took to the skin

Viewers didn’t see it coming. On August 26, 2003, the first episode of Playmakers started less than two minutes ago, credits included, when a player glued to a hospital bed let go: « I can’t even feel my cock anymore ». A part of the anatomy rarely referenced in this way on ESPN, a cable channel certainly, but owned by Disney, the friend of families. A star waking up between two prostitutes and a rail of cocaine, an aging running-back accused of domestic violence, a handsome quarterback with kidneys devastated by anti-inflammatories, a cynical franchise owner, a journalist adept at close contact with the players … To go behind the scenes of the Cougars, a fictional American football team in an unidentified town, John Eisendrath, the creator of the series, focused on the dark side of America’s most popular sport.

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