playing sports in THESE weather conditions burns more fat, according to science

In the collective imagination, there is no better season than summer for playing sports outdoors: the climate is pleasant, we are less likely to get sick and we sweat all the more. However, for many of us, the fact of sweat necessarily leads to a loss of fat… which is not necessarily the case. Indeed, if the scale displays a lower number after our session, that does not mean that we have lost body fat. Because water (lost) has a weight, and it is often this weight that has been eliminated.

Hélène Duval, yoga teacher interviewed by our counterparts from The Express, explains moreover: “If I weigh myself before and after a sports class, there is bound to be a difference on the scale. But that doesn’t mean that I lost weight. «  Why ? Because the water of perspiration is not composed of any fat, only mineral salts, lactic acid and uric acid.

However, if you want to accelerate fat burning during your workout outside the walls, there are A type of climate suitable for this. Thus, the best climate for playing sports outdoors and maximizing fat loss is therefore … cold climate. And it’s science that says it!

The explanation is quite simple. In addition to the physical activity practiced by the body (running, cycling or other), another invisible activity will use the body’s energy … This is the thermogenesis. This process refers to the production of heat by the body in order to maintain it at a normal temperature (37 ° C); « normal » temperature necessary to ensure its vital functions.

To create this heat, the body needs energy. It will therefore draw on its fat reserves to generate said energy … And this is where fat burning takes place. At the same time, the practice of sport contributes to the elimination of fat.

Sports activity + thermogenesis generated by the outdoor climate = double elimination of fat. According to scientists, this propensity to eliminate fat can also be increased tenfold …

A scientific study, published in Cell Reports Medicine and taken over by our colleagues of Eat This, has shown that people who regularly subject their bodies to extreme climatic conditions have an easier time triggering the body temperature regulation processes (thermogenesis, thermolysis). Thus, by extension, they also eliminate fat more quickly during these adaptation processes.

The researchers concerned, from the University of Copenhagen, studied eight young male swimmers who swam regularly in cold weather, and who ended their exercise with sessions in a sauna for at least two years. What the researchers found was that these « extreme swimmers » were better able to adapt to changes in temperature in their environment than others.

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