Play-offs: Philadelphia close to qualifying, Boston widens the gap, Chicago remains in contact

The 76ers relied on Joel Embiid. After two victories on their floor to start the series, the players of Pennsylvania joined Toronto to challenge the Raptors there. A meeting during which they did not control much. From the first moments, teammates OG Anunoby (26 points, 5 rebounds) and Gary Trent Jr (24 points) took control but only seriously widened the gap at the very start of the second quarter, reaching their maximum lead of 17 points. It was then that the Sixers began to react to drastically reduce the gap. James Harden (19 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists) and Tyrese Maxey (19 points) then allowed their team to stay afloat and reach halftime just ten points behind. If the Raptors kept the advantage after returning from the locker room, their lead then melted like snow in the sun and it was with only one step ahead for the Canadian franchise that the last twelve minutes started. Income tied with just under seven minutes to play, the Sixers were unable to pass. If James Harden tied the two teams in the free throw game, the Pennsylvania players then missed two match points in the final seconds. The five minutes of extra time were at loggerheads with never more than two points difference. It was then that Joel Embiid (33 points, 13 rebounds) put an end to the suspense. At eight tenths of a second from the buzzer, the Cameroonian pivot offered victory to the Sixers on a three-point shot (101-104 ap). The Raptors have their backs against the wall more than ever with any loss that will now be playoffs.

The Celtics remain masters at home

After a first set that was played in the last seconds, the Celtics kept their hand against the Nets. But, again, it was not easy. Indeed, during most of the meeting, it was the Brooklyn players who ruled the TD Garden. Kevin Durant (27 points, 5 assists), Bruce Brown (23 points, 8 rebounds) and their rich team of five players beyond the ten-point mark took the lead on the scoreboard from the start. of the meeting to very quickly widen a double-digit gap. The struggling Celtics hung on and closed to just six points early in the second quarter but Jaylen Brown’s teammates (22 points, 6 assists) took on a new shine as halftime approached. -time, allowing the Nets to reach their maximum lead of 17 lengths shortly before returning to the locker room. It was back on the floor that the deal changed. More concerned in attack, the Celtics gradually closed the gap, equalizing for the first time just over three minutes from the end of the third quarter, after a 7-0. But, if the Nets were then able to keep their hand, the changeover took place at the start of the fourth quarter. Led by Jayson Tatum (19 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists), the Celtics completely overthrew Brooklyn with a game-changing 23-6. The New England players then flew to a second success in as many games (114-107) before joining the « Big Apple » for the next two rounds.

Bulls come back level with Bucks

The Bulls, meanwhile, dampened the Bucks’ enthusiasm. The latter, after their initial success, were unable to confirm in Match 2. It must be said that this meeting was very largely dominated by the players from Illinois, carried by a DeMar DeRozan of the big nights ( 41 points, 7 rebounds) and never so successful in shooting in a play-off game. However, if the Bulls put their foot on the entry floor, the Bucks showed a bit of resistance in the first quarter. But, despite Giannis Antetokounmpo (33 points, 18 rebounds, 9 assists), the Milwaukee-based franchise sank body and soul at the end of the second quarter, finding themselves trailing by fourteen lengths at the break. Upon returning from the locker room, the Bulls continued their march forward to count up to 18 points ahead. It was then that the « Greek Freak » and his teammates, Brook Lopez (25 points, 6 rebounds) in the lead reacted with a 15-2 to return to only three lengths. An air pocket to which the Bulls very quickly found a solution to take off from the first moments of the fourth quarter. Giving their all late in the game, the Bucks gradually closed in and, 56 seconds from the buzzer, were just three lengths away. It was then that the shooting efficiency failed them, DeMar DeRozan sealing the fate of the meeting with a victory for the Bulls by a very narrow margin (110-114), which completely relaunched the series before two games played in the ‘Illinois.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets: 114-107 >>> The Celtics lead 2-0 in the series
Toronto Raptors- philadelphia 76ers : 101-104 (ap) >>> 76ers lead 3-0 in series
Milwaukee Bucks- Chicago Bulls : 110-114 >>> A victory everywhere in the series

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