Placed in a huge 5 major, Evan Fournier is very expensive!

Evan Fournier is clearly part of the NBA landscape and a recognized player on the FIBA ​​scene, but that doesn’t stop fans from knocking him out, especially after his average season at the Knicks. The French therefore had the right to a wave of very scathing comments, after being cited in a five major XXL.

Ten seasons in the big league, several medals in international competitions including the title of Olympic vice-champion: Evan Fournier does not have to be ashamed of his accomplishments, on the scale of European players. The New York star is one of the most renowned athletes from the Old Continent, and the site Basketball Forever has especially crystallized it recently. In wanting to compose a major five capable of defeating Team USA, he thus included the back:

Evan Fournier not a member of the European gratin?

It is obviously a very great honor for the Frenchman, proof that his performances are recognized by some. For others though, see it alongside Luka DoncicNikola Jokic or even Giannis Antetokounmpo is total heresy. His 2021-22 season at the Knicks does not work in his favor, he who disappointed. Add to that his CV, which is still much less stellar than that of the other behemoths in the European formation, and it didn’t take long for the harsh remarks to fly in all directions:

They managed to integrate Evan Fournier lol

Team Europe has the best starters, but Team USA definitely has the deepest team (and I’ll just ignore the fact that Evan Fournier is in the major five)

There’s an impostor in there

Who’s the guy on the top right?

Really, there is no better option than Fournier? I take Dragic every day instead

Fournier lol are you serious? There are other European players much better than him

I would take Ricky Rubio instead of Fournier

Put Kristaps Porzingis in place of Evan Fournier and we’re good

Bogdanovic instead of Fournier

According to the fans, and there are many of them, Evan Fournier has absolutely nothing to do in this 100% European major five, even if it means acting in bad faith. Nice for the tricolor rear, who will be able to silence the critics by performing a beautiful Eurobasket.

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