Place in the Leagues Cup

MLS on Thursday announced details of the Leagues Cup, a World Cup-style competition that will pit its teams against those of Liga MX from July 21 to August 19, 2023.

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We therefore intend to observe a truce every summer in order to present this competition which will bring together, next year, 47 teams in its very first edition.

There will be a stake since the winning club of the tournament will obtain its place for the Champions League. The finalist team as well as the third ranked team will have the same privilege.

The 77-game tournament will be played in the United States and Canada.


To make the distribution of the teams in the groups, we will base ourselves on the classification of each of the two circuits.

The top 15 MLS teams will be split into groups based on their ranking and region. For Mexican clubs, it will be based on their collection of points during the closing and opening championships. The top 15 will be assigned to groups where top MLS teams have not been placed.

The other teams of the MLS will thus be inserted into the groups comprising the best formations of the Liga MX and the worst teams of Mexico will find themselves in the groups formed of the best clubs of the MLS.

Each team will play two matches during the group stage. In the event of a tie, each team will receive one point. There will then be a penalty shootout for one more point. A victory in regulation time will give three points.


We will then proceed to a knockout phase to which the winner of the MLS Cup will enter directly, just like a Mexican club which will be the one who has won the opening or closing championship which will accumulate the most points over the entire season.

From the round of 16, it will be a duel to finish until the final.

This is a new way to spice up the rivalry between MLS and Liga MX. It remains to be seen whether the supporters will be there.

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