Pit stops in Nascar aren’t as disciplined as in F1, yet it works

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A pit stop in Nascar is much longer than in Formula 1. For single-seaters, a pit-stop requires on average between 2 and 3 seconds. Beyond, it is missed, below it is exceptional. It must be said that a pit stop in the queen discipline of motorsport is a real precision mechanics, which is played on details.

In Nascar, things are a little different. A stop is not necessarily so quick, but it is no less impressive.

The mechanics in Nascar are less numerous. During a pit stop, there are only 4 or 5 of them turning around the car to change the tires and, as the video shows, renew the plastic film on its windshield.

It is therefore much more physical and demanding for these mechanics who must be very rigorous and fast in the execution of their actions. It takes about 10 seconds to pit, but as we said before, it’s still very reasonable given the conditions.

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No matter how long it takes to stop in the pits, no matter the discipline, we can agree on one point, all these mechanics are very strong. Achieving such pit-stops and remaining regular and efficient like that is spectacular.

Clement Fauriel

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