Pippen’s cash message to his son ahead of his Lakers debut!

NBA legend Scottie Pippen has reacted to the huge announcement made by his son, Scotty Jr., following his successful third season in the NCAA

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In a few days, Scotty Pippen Jr. will realize his dream and follow in the footsteps of his father, an immense legend in the NBA. Moreover, the Hall of Famer follows all this with particular emotion, and he decided to send a cash message to his son at the dawn of his first season.

We are starting to see a little more clearly in the Lakers squad, with players who stand out during training camp and a first starting 5 that takes shape in the mind of Darvin Ham. If he obviously cannot claim such a role in a row, Scotty Pippen Jr. gives everything he has, and he attracts the attention of his most experienced teammates. Anthony Davis had nothing but compliments to give him:

The youngsters are playing really well…Scotty Pippen had a fucking day today. You can’t see the score of the game, but LeBron, Russ and I got destroyed in that session, and Pipp played extremely well.

Scottie Pippen no longer wants to help his son at the Lakers

In the midst of the latest controversy surrounding his ex-wife Larsa, who is currently dating Michael Jordan’s sonScottie Pippen closely follows Scotty Jr.’s early career. People on this subject, he expressed cash on the situation, and he explained why he no longer intended to interfere in the career of his son.

I’m so proud of him. As a father, I cannot continue to help him and guide him when he is on the pitch. At some point in my youth I started flying on my own to get to the top, I know he will do the same. I tried to tell him about this world throughout his life, tried to teach him the intricacies of the game and tried to show him the path he wanted to take.

I always wanted to teach him what I knew, I prayed for him, I hoped he was lucky, that things went well for him. I did my best to prepare him and prayed for his dream to come true. My son always wanted to become a professional player and be part of the big NBA family. He has made every sacrifice to get here, but the journey has only just begun.

Scottie Pippen looks at his son with great emotion at the dawn of his first season in the NBA, since he has done everything to allow him to reach this level. He tried to guide him throughout his youth, to teach him everything he knew about the sport, and today he feels ready to let him fly on his own. The legendary No. 33 risks dropping his Bulls to support the Purple and Gold!

Scottie Pippen knows what it takes to succeed in the NBA and have a long career, so he has tried to pass on his knowledge to his son throughout his life. Today he feels ready to let it fly alone, observing it all the same with a certain emotion.

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