Pies for a good cause

NHL players sometimes have a hidden talent that can be surprising. At goalkeeper Louis Domingue, it is his culinary skills that command attention.

His Vancouver Canucks teammates learned of his skills as they stood in the bubble together in Edmonton.

“We had a big suite where there was a kitchen,” explained Domingue when joined by Le Journal of Montreal. I decided to bake cookies for my teammates so that we could eat something different.

“We didn’t really have dessert. Then, we won our game scheduled for the evening. In the next game, I made a banana bread. We won again and I had to make another dessert. ”

Due to their success on the ice and the departure of eliminated teams, the Canucks have changed hotels.

However, the players wanted Domingue to continue making recipes to sweeten their teeth.

« I made an apple pie and it was all the rage! » I continued with a pecan pie and other recipes. On my social networks, I had a lot of requests from people to find out where they could get my pies. ”

For people with autism

The 28-year-old guard decided to answer the call. In collaboration with Automne Boulangerie, Domingue sold several dozen raspberry pies and sidewalks on October 14. He was able to donate an amount of $ 1,000 to the Véro & Louis Foundation.

“The cause of autism doesn’t directly affect me, but I know people it does. Autistic people are special people in a good way. They are like us. It is important that we recognize that they are there and that they are part of our life.

« I decided to collaborate with Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette, because they are two people that I admire and respect a lot. »

Domingue repeats the experience tomorrow. This time around, it will have pecan pies, pumpkin pies and raspberry sidewalks.

Those interested will be able to get them at Automne Boulangerie (6500, avenue Christophe-Colomb) between 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Online orders are also possible on the louisdomingue.com site.

Family affair

The former Remparts de Québec learned the basics of cooking with his mother and grandmother.

“Without being professionals, we are a family that cooks a lot,” explained Domingue. We rarely went to restaurants when I was younger.

“My mother would put different dishes on the table and we would eat. We were a house targeted by our friends to eat a good meal. ”

When the Domingue family traveled for parties, the guardian’s mother filled a washing basket with food. It was nothing exceptional. Simply normality.

What’s the favorite dish of the new Calgary Flames goaltender?

“When I go to my parents, you never know what you’re going to eat. On the other hand, a tourtière, it’s quite easy for me to eat one alone. ”

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